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Walking five not so thousand miles, with friends

I can't understand this "ache" or "soreness" that results from a walk up to Mountain Peak.

It's literally impossible to feel depressed coming down the mountain. Perhaps a bit terrified from walking the way down, but it's only slightly different then.

Mountain Peak is in the Bay Area, a protected area by the Easy Bay Regional Park people. There are people that own land over there, and cows manage to graze everywhere, leaving large marks that people step upon to show they were there.

How high it is, it remains unknown to me, but the trail that most people hike upon is about 2 miles. It leads upward, towards the top of the entire hill, and at that view, revealing that upon climbing we have not conquered the tallest mountain, as this raised point reveals Mt. Diablo, and even the distant Sierra Nevadas.

Ah, being the adventerous crew that my friends and I are, one of us vaguely remembers a road there, taken as a child, behind the ohlone college.

Starting at around 4, we ventured off to the top from the less obcsure way, at about 6:30, we made it to the top, finding that endorphines are released from exercise, and around 8:40, made our way home.


On the way up there, I found my health to be particulary BAD. I haven't ran in ages, and the last time I've vaguely exercised was about a week ago. Cramps, pains from breathing, and a massive head pounding was made readily for me. I finally realized I should go slower, slower than nagrom who can walk for miles and miles at a suprising speed, and slower than the dancing elocin.

I found things. Odd plants that I wish i knew the name of, wonderful gradual views of the east side of the Bay Area, and a sneaky groundhog. or i hope it was.

I thought they were fatter.... but maybe because the picture taken of one was depicting the ground hogs at an armybase... Odd little critters.

That... rodent, I suppose, suddenly poked its head out. At first, I thought, oh my, it sees me, so it's probably going to shoot back in again. aha, how wonderfully wrong I was. It inched out, not like a catapiller that slowly inches, with a gradual push, but with rapid jerky pushes forward, towards a nearby weed, wretched a part of it off, and then shot back inside.

The BEST thing of it all was not the view we had from the top, not the little critters going everywhere, nor the flowers of unnamable species, but the friends that were with me, encouraging, being the most awesome companions that you could ever hope for.
We talked, battled, stopped in order for me to breathe, and talked and found somemore to talk about.

I could really care less about the view, the weather that accompanied us, or the feeling of victory at the end of the road. Just being outside, with some of my best friends, going for one of the longest walks nearby was something simple, and gratifying in itself.

There really isn't too many people my age that could really appreciate the trek upward, finding better purchase at home, in video games and computors.

t'is a shame.
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