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meme, and sleeping well

[ ] I watch too much tv. (only time is when I'm at a friend's house)
[x] I love olives. (yes! I don't see any reason not to...)
[x] I love sleeping. (Depends on my mood, but currently, yesm)
[x] I own lots of books. (personally, no; w/my siblings, yes)
[x] I wear glasses or contact lenses. (I left them at nicolessss)
[x] I love to play video games. (or... most games)

[ ] I've tried marijuana and i hated the effect
[ ] I watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
[ ] I have been in a threesome.
[ ] I hate my ex/s. (dislike? can't stand? its more like disgust.)
[ ] I believe honesty is usually the best policy. (until it blows up in your face)
[x] I curse at times. (...maybe too much when parents are around... I need to tone it down..)
[ ] I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. ( I have noidea.)
[ ] I carry a knife/razor everywhere with me. (I wish! carrying a knife would basically mean I know how to defend myself! that's awesome!)
[ ] I've never broken someone else's bones (......)
[x] I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal.
[ ] I hate the rain.
[x] I'm paranoid.(some times not though)
[x] I need money right now. (I made plans to watch a movie.)
[x] I talk really, really fast.(xD my sister gets really annoyed sometimes)
[x] I have at least one brother and/or one sister. (oldest sister, oldest brother, older sister)

[ ] I have a twin.
[x] I have lied to a good friend in the past 6 months.
[ ] I have mood swings.(moods aswinging? they might if you piss me off)
[ ] I think prostitution should be legalized.
[ ] I think Britney Spears is pretty. (..ew.)
[x] I have good English.(if you're talking GRAMMER-wise, it's too asian to be really good)
[ ] I have a hidden talent. (no, what would I do with it??)
[ ] I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar I have. (not recently)
[ ] I enjoy talking on the phone.(I can't STAND it sometimes.)
[ ] I would rather shop than eat. (the other way around.. unless i need to shop...)
[ ] I would classify myself as ghetto.
[ ] I don't hate anyone.
[ ] I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother. (oooh boy, that falls into the grey area.)
[ ] I have a cell phone.(not since my mom threw it around in a terrible fit of anger)
[ ] I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.('nother ew)
[x] I've rejected someone before. (yeesh)
[x] I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life. (whoo boy. just being happy's a good way to start, I think)

[ ] I want to have children in the future.
[x] I bite my nails.(only when I break them
[x] I'm not allergic to anything deadly.
[x] I have a lot to learn. (hooray for new knowledge)

[ ] I have dated someone at least 10 years older or younger. (if they were younger, I'd be dating a five year old)
[x] I am shy around people of the opposite sex who are really good looking. (I'm just going to check it for the heck of it. I'm sure I am, but there may be contest to this...)
[ ] I have tried alcohol before.
[ ] I have made a move on a friend's significant other in the past.
[ ] I enjoy country music.
[ ] I love making new friends. ( concur)
[ ] I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza.
[ ] I watch soap operas whenever I can. ( I haven't watched one since Days of Our Lives, back when that lady got possessed)
[ ] When I think it matters..I'm obsessive and often a perfectionist.
[ ] I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
[ ] I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it. (no)
[ ] I have dated a close friend's ex.
[x] I'm happy as of this moment. (I'm awake!)
[ ] I have gone scuba diving.
[ ] I've had a crush on somebody I've never met. (I'm not sure how you could do this... oh, no introduction??)
[ ] I kissed someone I knew I shouldn't.
[ ] I strongly dislike math. (I like it. It makes SENSE)
[x] I'm procastinating something right now. (maybe. something small, I'm sure, but it'll be alright)
[ ] I fall in 'lust' more than in 'love.'
[ ] I think Avril Lavigne is the ultimate poser princess.
[ ] I have a pet rat. (i had one named after me)
[x] I've dyed my hair an unnatural color before.(Red! I want to get a bit of blueee)
[x] I'm sleepy right now.(just kinda, I've been staring at the screen for a bit...)

[ ] I hold grudges. (I don't. I tend to forget things. It's usually misconseptions.)
[x] I own a movie or DVD that I have never watched. (when you have bootleg stuff, It's really not that hard)
[ ] I am a runner. (I want to be!)
[ ] My favorite color is red. (depends on what you use it on)
[ ] I have school spirit.(not currently)
[ ] I know all the words to Ice Ice Baby. (NO! they stole the melody from Queen! how dare they!
[x] I want something I can't have. (yeah, a boyfriend. having a mom kinda sucks for that stuff)
[ ] I currently have a crush on someone.
[x] I'm missing somebody right now. (there's not a moment that goes by that I don't remorse the fact I can't spend more time with someone)

Switch of topics!

There's only one way I get to sleep at night, it's when I feel absolutely secure in the world. well, in relation to my blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. If I was warm and comfy, I'm pretty sure I could sleep anywhere.

sleeping habits? hahah! I tend... to shift around if i'm not comfortable. In the process, I tend to.... (this is in the perspective of my siblings, the poor people) punch and bulldoze people. esp if there isn't any room to be comfy.
I get like a cat sometimes though... I adore sleeping/napping where there's a bit of sun to keep me warm. I've never gotten a headache from it being too warm. <3!

what about you? anything particular where you like to sleep? like sleeping under the stars? in a bungalow? do you sleep in a box? pray tell!

Ps: what's you're favorite music to fall asleep to? It's usually stuff on my playlists, like interpol, or some soft j-pop.
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