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The things humans live off of:

Appreciate the Smaller Things in Life.
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The Joys of Life I...
Want to know the end of the sentence?
Fill it with your own; The Joys of Life I Touched. Smelled. Saw. Felt. Heard...

There are endless possibilities to everything.

The caress of warmth from a friendly hug, the glint of moonlight on a shell, or the lonely scent of vanilla in your midnight coffee.

As for your first post, besides the common introductory and the "Hi, I'm new." You may want to share any little thing that you'd never forget. Whether it be the touch of grass in the new spring, the voice of the wind rushing past your hair, the feeling when you've done something good for others, or the taste of fresh milk in the early morning.

Everything in life is worthwhile, good, there. Here, show it in writing, encourage people to feel the same. For that's what's life is good for, learning, sharing, and giving back to everyone what you take. This is the place that you share it all.

This community is opened to everyone, and all sorts of postings would be awesome. (Read the first post for rules.)
Posting options aren't limited to pictures of wonderful things, you can also share songs that moved you deeply, a quote that meant much to you, or a verse of poetry that you thought was absolutely beautiful.

Not interesting enough for you? Have a theme to go along with it, write a poem with 55 words, put it into pentameter or try putting it in 55 words. Pictures? Make a mosaic out of it!

The Joys of Life or the Pains of Unfeeling, what do you chose?

You make me want to pick up a guitar, and celebrate the myriad ways that I love you